Electrical & Electronics Engineering Seminar Topics

---Electrical Engineering---

Aspects of electrical engineering are found in almost every consumer device or appliance. For example, such consumer technologies as cell phones, personal digital assistants, MP3 and DVD players, personal computers, and high-definition TV each involve several areas of specialization within electrical engineering.
Other technologies,such as the internet, wireless network connections, medical instrumentation, manufacturing, and power distribution -- technologies most people take for granted -- also involve some area of electrical engineering. In fact, it is difficult to find an industry where electrical engineers do not play a role.

Because electrical engineering has so many facets, there are many areas of specialization within the discipline. Our department has a high degree of expertise in electromagnetics and wave propagation, optoelectronics, digital signal processing and communications, power electronics, nanostructures and devices, controls, and computer engineering. Students may pursue specialization in these areas through elective courses.